Hello and welcome 

I am an experienced BACP Accredited Psychodynamic Counsellor and Supervisor working UK wide via online platforms. My aim is to provide you with a safe, calm and non-judgmental space to explore the reasons which have led you to seeking counselling at this time.


Why choose counselling now?


Why am I feeling overwhelmed and anxious? There are times when everything feels like a struggle, when things become overwhelming and too difficult to manage alone. There are times when the support from family and friends simply isn’t enough. When it can feel extremely lonely and as if there is no-one to turn to, or that no-one understands. It is at these difficult times of loneliness when acute anxiety, stress and depression can feel overwhelming and overshadow your thoughts.


How will counselling Help me? The decision to ask for help, and the first steps into counselling can be a daunting and anxiety provoking time. Talking to a stranger may feel like an odd concept, however talking your troubles through with someone who is unrelated and non-judgemental, can help you make sense of your thoughts, and your inner turmoil. I provide a safe space where we can work towards understanding your past experiences, how these affect you now, and equip you with the ‘tools’ to create new ways of relating to yourself and to others. Helping you find your answers and your solutions, to strengthen your self-esteem and bring about, a noticeable and lasting change.

What can I help you with? 

Below is a list of some of the areas I work with, although not exhaustive or exclusive. Please contact me if you feel I may be able to help.


Affairs and betrayals


Asperger’s syndrome

Attachment disorder



Carer support

Child related issues



Early Separation

Emotional abuse

Family issues

Generalised anxiety disorder




Low self-confidence

Low self-esteem

Male Mental Health

Maternal Mental Health


Paternal Mental Health

Passive aggressive behaviour

Perinatal Mental Health

Physical abuse

Postnatal depression (mums and dads)

Pregnancy and Childbirth           related anxiety


Relationship issues

Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD)

Separation anxiety



Work-related stress

Counselling cannot provide an emergency service for clients.

If you are currently experiencing an emergency or major crisis and contemplating serious self-harm, it is essential for you to seek immediate help.

You may wish to contact your GP 
Your nearest A&E service. 
Samaritans are FREE to phone 116 123 (this number doesn’t appear on phone bills) 

Samaritans are also available via email (response time 24 hours – Non emergencies only)